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Growing up with four older alpha male brothers and being the son of an actor, Jason found it imperative to continually seek out avenues to be the center of attention. Thus far in his career, he has done a pretty darn good job of it!

Originally from Indiana, Jason has traveled throughout the Midwest, the Mediterranean and the East Coast, holding numerous positions in the entertainment industry. Through his various positions in life Jason has found that not only is he comfortable in front of the camera and on stage, he developed an intense love and thrill being a creator and manager of productions and events. He has had the honor of working with artists around the globe of every extreme and learned how to manage stressful situations as well as the glamorous. Jason acquired a true and heightened passion for making art accessible to all people, no matter what their social background or financial means. This is evident with the creation of Quest Theatre Ensemble, Chicago's first completely free theater company.

Residing in Detroit, Jason is avidly performing and featured on stage, television, and print. He travels the country as an entertainer on a regular basis and is also continually on the move performing and educating children of all ages in the positive ways they can give back to their community... sometimes even on stilts.

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All his world is a stage...

Jason has continued to be very successful on stage as well as in front of the camera. Performing for numerous theater and production companies as well as establishing himself as commercial television actor.

Notable to his career, he was granted the amazing opportunity as the Master of Ceremonies and Cruise Director for Norwegian Cruise lines where he sailed the Mediterranean Sea for over a year.

Jason has been stilt dancing for over 12 years. He puts his stilt pants on one leg at time, just like you; except his legs are super long... and so are his pants. Did we mention that Jason is also an ordained minister?

Selected Theatrical Performances

Download Theatrical Résumé

Quest Theatre Ensemble

"Bowen's Barnum is so charming and effervescent it's no wonder people bought whatever he was selling."

Scotty Zacker - Chicago Theater Beat

Return of Neverland
Quest Theatre Ensemble

"Bowen's Hook and Tommy Bullington's hapless Smee bring genial comic zest to their interludes."

Kerry Reid - Chicago Tribune

Males Order Brides
Quest Theatre Ensemble

"Bowen is a lot of fun to watch."

Chicago Theater Beat - KD Hopkins

I'll Be Back Before Midnight
Cortland Repertory Theater

Wizard of Oz
Quest Theatre Ensemble

"Bowen sells the show...solid voice, confidence and style."

Talkin' Broadway - John Olson

Cardinal Stage Company

"The evening's show-stealer would have to be Jason Bowen as Lord Farquaad... camping it up as the absurdly over-the-top villain."

Bloomington Herald Times - Joel Pierson

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Broadway in Chicago

"Spot-on characterization of the grouchy Boss Elf offered by Bowen."

The Times of NW Indiana - Phil Potempa

Young Frankenstein
Stagecrafters at The Baldwin

"Dr. Frederick Frankenstein played magnificently by Jason Bowen is spritely and gleefully animated."

Broadway World - Anton Anderssén

Selected Stilt Dancing and Hosting Performances

Download Theatrical Résumé

Norwegian Cruiselines - "Showdown - The Musical"


Selected Commercial Performances

Download Commerical Résumé

Oakland Community Credit Union - "Victory is Ours"

Fathead - "Bonding at the Ballpark"

Busch Gardens - "Reunion"

Sears - "Night Owl"

Empire Carpet - "Add a Room"

Perkins - "Farmers Market"

Bedding Experts - "Night Chatty Mattress"

Kilz Primer - "First Home"

Gift of Hope - "Public Service Announcement"

Service Magic - "Pros"

Remerica - "Chores"

Aldi - "Real Estate"

Upraze - "U Point. U Click."

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